A Cameo Appearance … Well, I wish they WOULD! (appear, that is)

I’ve talked about my dear grandma in a previous post about vintage Swirl dresses, and I guarantee I’ll continue to do that because she is the one who really led me to my love of antiques and vintage clothing and jewelry … and accessories, and … you get the general idea.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t wish I could “go shopping” in Grandma’s closet.  Well, all over the house.  Down in the basement was a trunk of “old clothes” that would transform me into The Princess.  That’s a blog for another day, though.  Today, I’m going “shopping” in Grandma’s jewelry box.

Grandma loved cameos.  Our family was aware of that and so you can imagine what Grandma got for every gift-giving occasion.  I’m sure at one point, she wished she’d never mentioned cameos.

Whiting & Davis Cameo Earrings

Whiting & Davis Cameo Earrings

The one cameo I remember she wore the most was her Whiting & Davis cameo earrings and the matching bracelet.  I’m sure it must have been her favorite cameo set because I do remember her wearing it often and I always admired it – particularly the bracelet.  So pretty and delicate … of course, I thought it must have been ANCIENT antique jewelry at the time.  I’ve never found a date for when this particular design was produced, but my best guess is the 1950s and 1960s and I’d consider it a Victorian Revival style.

Fast forward some (mumble, mumble …) years and Grandma’s jewelry box is now in my possession along with all its glorious wonders.  Grandma didn’t have “fine” jewelry but she had some GREAT costume jewelry from the 40s and 50s.  I wear the pretty silver filigree cameo bracelet often and it’s one of my favorite pieces.  It always seemed like a fairly large – bold – bracelet to me so you can imagine my amazement when I came upon a LARGER version!  Oh I knew it existed – I know there are several more pieces in the same design, but I just hadn’t come across one.  And then I did. And Wow.  It’s big.  At least for someone with short, stubby limbs (yeah, that’s me).  I put it on and felt like Wonder Woman.  With one on each wrist, I could defeat all evil!  Maybe not, but some days a girl just NEEDS that attitude, right?

Whiting & Davis Cameo Bracelets - Large & Small

Whiting & Davis Cameo Bracelets – Large & Small

Looking at the two bracelets side by side, you can really see the difference.  I also noticed that the cameo centerpiece on the smaller bracelet is the same size as the cameo earrings and the centerpiece on the larger bracelet is the same size as the cameo pendant on the matching necklace.  Now I have to find the ring and the pin and find out how big the cameo is on them.  And, it makes sense that there might also be a necklace with a smaller cameo.  I need to know.

What makes me crazy is that I’m almost positive I have additional pieces to this Whiting & Davis set in my STASH.  Now … where to start looking ?

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