Brown and Cream Silk Antique Victorian Dress with Braid – Circa 1890


This 2-piece late Victorian dress is in fabulous condition! It is extremely strong and very well preserved. It dates to the very late 1890s.

The fully boned and lined bodice mimics a military jacket with three straps across the front and a faux lapel. Each end of the straps is accented with a star-shaped metallic “button”. The collar stands slightly over 2 ½” high. The brown cotton lining is strong and clean with no staining and all seams are bound. One dress shield remains in place and the stamping reads “Trademark Canfield’s 2 Extra Fine” with patent #317,626 which was patented May 12, 1885. The sleeves are fully lined. The skirt attaches to the back of the bodice with 2 hooks & eyes.

The gored skirt fastens at the back with 2 hooks & eyes and has folds to accommodate a small bustle. There are a few scattered tiny holes in this area, which are mostly concealed by the folds. There is about a 1 ½” split in the silk at the center back opening, at the location of a small hook & eye which holds the opening closed and about a ½” split where the waistband joins the skirt. It is fully lined with brown polished cotton. The bottom 3” is decorated with a pleated ruffle and the hem is edged with velvet hem protector.

There are minimal splits and tiny holes throughout, which are barely noticeable. On the high collar and cuffs, there are some brown age spots, which due to the woven pattern on the fabric tend to blend in in low lighting. The high collar is attached separately to the finished neckline and could be removed, if so desired. The weave of the cream colored fabric has long threads that run free and a few of these are broken. There is a bit of breakage in the cream colored fabric on the cuffs and at the top left side of the neckline where the fasteners wrap around.

Very finely constructed of brown and cream silk fabric with cream braid, this dress is a magnificent example of excellence in workmanship! Every detail is meticulously fashioned, clear down to the edges of seams being bound.

(Dress shown over cage and bustle which are not included and may be purchased separately.)

Approximate Measurements:

Bust: 31”
Bodice Waist: 21”
Skirt Waist: 24” (Skirt waistband is slightly larger in order to go over the bodice)
Waist to Hem: 38 ½”

Measurements are given only for reference. We do not recommend wearing a dress of this age and wonderful condition.

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