Original Antique Cage Crinoline with Bustle 1870 1880

An original antique cage crinoline, dating to the 1870s / 1880s – post Civil War, this set of hoops has a bit of a bubble at the back to form an all-in-one cage and bustle.

Seven 2” wide cotton twill tapes are suspended from a 1 1/8” wide waist tape. There are 25 twill covered steel hoops. All 10 lacing buttons remain intact on the front panel.

This wonderful bustle cage crinoline is in exceptionally good condition with age appropriate wear. The waist band is in exemplary condition – so many are not. There is a period numerical notation of some sort written, probably in pencil, on the waistband and the buckle has a patent date that is stamped so that it is mostly off the metal, and therefore unreadable. All tapes are present and intact and in really very, very good condition. All the steel hoops are present and unbroken. They have, of course, rusted and the rust color comes through the cotton covering on them.

We strongly recommend placing a petticoat between old cages and an antique dress (preferably one newly made from 100% white cotton!)

Approximate measurements:

Waistband: 29 ½”
Length: 31”
Diameter of largest hoop: 21”


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