Victorian Mourning Bar Pin Brooch with Crape Stones Antique


This antique Victorian mourning bar pin is quite interesting. The bar portion of the brooch is likely pressed horn. The three round “buttons” are called crape stone. The top surface of the buttons mimics the crinkled crape (crepe) fabric that was used prominently in Victorian mourning fashions. It is a late Victorian mourning pin, based on the use of the crape stones, first introduced in 1886.

The bar portion of the brooch is brownish black, with grain lines consistent with bog oak, horn, or tortoiseshell. I’ve not been able to determine with 100% certainty the material of the bar pin based on published characteristics of all materials mentioned above. As seen in the photos, one end is somewhat translucent, ruling out bog oak but my opinion is that pressed horn is the most likely to compose the bar portion. The crape stones are jet black and are likely glass, or “French Jet”.

This wonderful old mourning pin measures 2 ¼” wide and ½” high. Unsigned.

Excellent condition. C-clasp closure works properly and there is only the slightest bend to the pin stem. The center crapestone moves slightly but is securely attached.

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