Antique Clothing

Our true passion lies in antique clothing – in particular, antique dresses. We strive to locate fine examples of original clothing from the Victorian, Edwardian, and pre-Depression Era – “flapper” and Gatsby eras to offer for purchase.

For the most part, these beautiful and historic garments are meant to be treated with utmost respect and care for, once an antique dress, suit, or other article of clothing of this age is lost – nothing can ever replace it. The dress may be replicated, assuming fabrics and other materials can be obtained, but the “spirit” … the life and history of the original dress will never be duplicated. Who was the original owner? Where was the garment worn? Clues to the lives of the past are gone. Forever.

As you peruse our selection of original dresses and other antique clothing and accessories in this category, we hope you will contemplate the lives and times of the past.

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