1900 Edwardian to 1919

While the Edwardian era is actually 1901 (Queen Victoria’s death aka the end of the Victorian era) to 1910 (the year of King Edward’s death), for those of us who love antique fashion it is usually considered to be from 1901 to 1919 (the end of WWI).

The Belle Époque (1890 – 1914) is partially included in the Edwardian period, and the Gilded Age shares roughly the same time frame.

Our Edwardian clothing category will generally include those antique dresses, clothing, and accessories dating from about 1901 to 1919. Items of this age are quite fragile and will require gentle handling and care, particularly with the netting, laces, and lightweight fabrics. While some pieces are sturdy enough for wear, we do discourage this practice.

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