Emmons Jewelers, Inc. started in 1949 and was the first jewelry company to sell via in-home parties. Owned by the C.H. Stuart Co., which first opened in 1852, the name of Emmons jewelry came from C.H. Stuart’s wife’s name – Caroline Emmons.

Both Emmons and Sarah Coventry jewelry were started by C.H. Stuart Co. in 1949 and sold via the in-home parties. We enjoy finding the many Emmons and Sarah Coventry designs that are very similar.

According to the book “Emmons & Sarah Coventry Jewelry Fashion Show” by Deborah A. Robinson, the earliest pieces of Emmons jewelry are unmarked. The first marked pieces came along in the mid-1950s and were marked EmJ. More information regarding the history of Emmons marks can be found at Illusion Jewels.

As with Sarah Coventry jewelry, today part of the fun of collecting Emmons jewelry is finding all the piece to each of the designs!


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