A New Year and New Ideas

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope your holiday season was full of love, fun, and family! Mine was and I am so very grateful.

Now it’s time to begin the process of refusing to do New Year’s resolutions. Nope. No resolutions for me. GOALS. This year, it’s goals for me.

2013 was a struggle for me both physically and here at the shop. I was in the body shop off and on all year with carpal tunnel surgery on both hands in April followed by minor knee surgery on both knees in October and … yes, DECEMBER. Less than 2 weeks before Christmas. Eek!

We began to rebuild the website in early 2012, which turned out to be a near disaster by last Christmas and by January 2013, I had a new web developer who had to try to follow the tracks of the last one – a difficult job, to say the least. But by April we were in pretty good shape again. Then in the late summer/early fall, all sorts of other changes involving searches hit the fan both on my website and in my Etsy shop that left us scrambling once again to get things working properly. Since this involved my web guy, I had him add the ability to accept credit cards without having to use Paypal only to find that he forgot to take it out of test mode – which accounted for the complete silence on my website until about a month had passed and a nice customer notified me of the problem. After waging war with the set up for credit cards, I finally gave up and turned it off, so for the time being we are back to using Paypal as a means to accept credit cards.

My nerves of steel are now just steel wool.

I confess …. I took the last couple of weeks off. Brain cells needed time to regenerate. And my knee needed time to heal. The knee is much better now.

So, without further ado, here are some things I hope to accomplish this year:

• Now that the website is running smoothly, expect to see LOTS more clothing, jewelry, and accessories added. Our inventory is overflowing and I’m really excited to have more ability to offer it much more quickly.
• With all the changes, I intend to add more to my blog on a much more consistent basis. My goal is to post at least once a month.
• This year, I’m planning on having “secret sales”. Keep an eye out for special coupon codes here and on our Facebook page.
• There is a “Gallery” section on the website for everyone to enjoy the “best of the best” antique and vintage clothing that has sold. It’s a little clunky and I have a few ideas on changing the format to better showcase and separate the clothing from the jewelry.
• Lose 20 lbs. It wouldn’t be a new year if someone around here wasn’t starting a diet! I want to be able to wear my vintage dresses without having to use a power winch to squash me into a steel corset so something will fit. Ouch. Failing that, I commit to finally buying or making a new corset that actually fits. I’ve been pig headed, refusing to admit I wasn’t losing weight and therefore I haven’t been wearing a properly fit corset. Shame. On. Me.

Now then … This is going to be a GREAT year! Cuz I said so. So STAY TUNED!!